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Please expand the case mouth a little bit more for our EPRX, SEPRX and CEPRX bullets!

Ares bullets need approximately the same load as similar lead bullets of other manufacturers.


ARES is reloading as follows (no warranty):           

7,65 Browning78 RNNG.309 CEPRXSP SBS020 2,5grain/0,16g24,10 mm
7,65 Browning78 RNNG.309 CEPRXSP SBBa10 2,2grain/0,14g 24,10 mm
9 mm Browning95 RN.356 CEPRXSP SBS020 3,6grain/0,23g24,00 mm
9 mm Luger125 RN.356 CEPRXSP SBBa9 5,4grain/0,35g28,75 mm
9 mm Luger150 RN.356 CEPRXSP SBBa9 4,3grain/0,28g28,75 mm
9 mm Luger150 RN.356 CEPRXSP SBS020 3,7grain/0,24g28,75 mm
38 Special158 RN.358 CEPRXSP SBBa9 5,6grain/0,36g37,25 mm
38 Special158 RN.358 CEPRXSP SBBa10 3,8grain/0,25g37,25 mm
357 Magnum158 RN.358 CEPRXSP SBD036 7,5grain/0,49g41,00 mm
40 S & W180 FP.401 CEPRXSP FederalBa9 5,0grain/0,32g28,80 mm
40 S & W180 FP.401 CEPRXSP FederalS020 4,9grain/0,32g28,80 mm
44 Rem. Magnum240 SWC.430 CEPRXLP FederalD036 12,7grain/0,82g39,85 mm
45 Auto230 RN.452 CEPRXLP FederalBa9 6,0grain/0,39g31,30 mm
7,62 x 39195 FP.311 CEPRX D063 20,0grain/1,30g55,30 mm


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