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Please expand the case mouth a little bit more for our EPRX and CEPRX bullets!

Ares bullets need approximately the same load as similar lead bullets of other manufacturers.


EPRX -        Ares casted colour bullets with unpainted base (similar to FMJ), max velocity approx 460m/s                                

CEPRX -     Ares casted colour full painted bullets (similar to TMJ), max velocity approx 460m/s

CLASSIC - Ares casted waxed bullets, max velocity approx 360m/s



video DILLON 1050:

ARES is reloading as follows (no warranty):           

7,65 Browning78 RNNG.309 CEPRXSP FiocchiS020 2,5grain/0,16g24,10 mm
7,65 Browning78 RNNG.309 CEPRXSP FiocchiBa10 2,2grain/0,14g 24,10 mm
9 mm Browning95 RN.356 CEPRXSP FiocchiS020 3,6grain/0,23g24,00 mm
9 mm Luger125 RN.356 CEPRXSP FiocchiBa9 5,4grain/0,35g28,75 mm
9 mm Luger150 RN.356 CEPRXSP FiocchiBa9 4,3grain/0,28g28,75 mm
9 mm Luger150 RN.356 CEPRXSP FiocchiS020 3,7grain/0,24g28,75 mm
38 Special158 RN.358 CEPRXSP FiocchiBa9 5,6grain/0,36g37,25 mm
38 Special158 RN.358 CEPRXSP FiocchiBa10 3,8grain/0,25g37,25 mm
357 Magnum158 RN.358 CEPRXSP FiocchiD036 7,5grain/0,49g41,00 mm
40 S & W180 FP.401 CEPRXSP FederalBa9 5,0grain/0,32g28,80 mm
40 S & W180 FP.401 CEPRXSP FederalS020 4,9grain/0,32g28,80 mm
44 Rem. Magnum240 SWC.430 CEPRXLP FederalD036 12,7grain/0,82g39,85 mm
45 Auto230 RN.452 CEPRXLP FederalBa9 6,0grain/0,39g31,30 mm
7,62 x 39195 FP.311 CEPRX D063 20,0grain/1,30g55,30 mm


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